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The benefits of flowers in the workplace

Now, obviously we are a tad biased when it comes to flowers, and being around flowers almost constantly is something that we would be reluctant to change for ourselves. However it seems that it is not just us, as research studies have shown that there are genuine benefits to having flower arrangements in your workplace, both for the employee and the employer.

At Blue, we deliver fresh flower arrangements to businesses every week, and the feedback we get is wonderful. A welcome splash of colour and life to the sometimes drab office environment can make a real difference for a number of reasons, with research indicating that flowers can have a significant impact on our mood, creativity and productivity. The increases in these areas then inevitably lead to positive impacts on our overall well being and health.

Evidence suggests that flowers and greenery can have significant effects on our creativity, with both men and women not only demonstrating more innovative thinking, but generating more ideas and creative solutions to problems when working in an office environment that included plants and flowers.

It may not come as a shock to you to hear that looking at flowers can make us happier, and evidence has shown that flowers can help reduce stress at work, lower blood pressure, and even reduce absenteeism. There is also evidence to suggest an increase in productivity as a result of these benefits of having flowers around you while you work.

Not only will flowers boost our mood, but they are also a great asset to the actual office environment, improving air quality by removing toxins while also increasing the amount of moisture in the air.

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